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Welsh woman I have 34, 36 quater, flat design known, about three or four years is not great, but it's really beautiful, her husband gives her a generous compensation and always looks great, the only thing that is not complimentry on them, so when I tell her how beautiful she is, tucoff I make a point of what he wears, her hairstyle and tucoff jewelry, and say things like how good your new haircut, etc, as now I am much older and retired, not a threat to her husband what he does not know is the lady of Wales, and sometimes get very friendly, everyone was in a restaurant a month ago, where dinner was hosted business, and she asked me to stay to sodas so he could take home to 30 of the ninth clock, the man asked me if I was still in the coke all night, I said yes, and I had to go home, then asked me a big favor and take his wife home, he said, when I wanted to spend the night was going to be happy, so I told him to check that everything was fine with his wife, he stopped me and said, I take you home and I would be the night, while he did not expect was, before more than three o'clock, and you can stay in the hotel when he had drunk too much. Now that was a big party, so we headed to the house and said he had not tucoff had sex for 5 weeks and was desperate for some attention, so that on arrival went straight to bed - when I say she is beautiful, she's only 5 star quality, which was in line when I was in bed, playing with his 7 inches long, licked her tongue and then took it to his mouth and I sucked was rock hard and I knew I had to stop coming with me so I left and went in his boot, licked his lips and then took her clit between my teeth and I worked and tucoff my tongue over the bit in my mouth was moaning with pleasure and I could feel the juices from the vagina, so I went in depth with my tongue and sucks her pussy juices downon his head tucoff and keeps me there now my cock was raging hard, and I was ready to just get through the game with her, so I took a break and started their firm breasts 36C, her nipples were hard and she responded to my hands and lips on her nipples, I paused for a moment and pulled out a condom on my throbbing cock, I said, wait, I can not, and got into her juicy wet pussy, as soon as my dick she was moaning and willing if SI said when I told him my long, oh, it was wonderful that young bodies have tucoff in me and take this beautiful woman he loved, I knew I should not rush things because they are hungry for sex was so deep that I have made great successes, I feel like they are in almost every thrust, her juices ran out and sometimes splashed against me, I could hear the noise and knew she was with some great orgasms give me a break and make it last time I went out and fell on his first day back at work tearing my tucoff fingers deep, Inhaled, they come hard and simple, I put my tongue tucoff and sucked her clit, I could hear how tucoff deep Oh Oh when he drank juice, then went back to the top of her and simply disappeared, until a condom full of shit, I was exhausted for a while, she told me she loves me not you go, no, tucoff I said I love you, I love your body, your face and everything about you, but I know I am too old and could not do for you and your husband leaned over and started kissing me, rubbing his hands on my chest, I put my hand on the back of the head and hugged her, I knew, he turned to me again I could not believe that I just I have my breath and I was getting hard again, no it can happen to the old, he must have felt my cock against her as she moved her hand to her and they did. Would you like my ass, I said, I would say, but I am not experianced in it, my juices are working on the first and gives me a good fingering, said I, I was soI was excited to get to where my hand as I gently put my penis in her brown star, began to give, and are ' guilty', so I continued, he said, and I always dreamed of fucking girls ass and here I was fucking this wonderful woman, I went ahead and started my cock in and out of the pump and squeeze a little more about the momentum was soon able to tucoff go as far as I beat my balls against her, I enjoyed it, as she was telling me what a fucking beautiful she was, she was also pressing, and I knew that come much told me to come, or what she said she wants as bare ass back up I tucoff said, I like go, then she said - and I let it all go down to the last drop of me in that cave full of my sperm and I pumped and pumped until I had to be left alone, stood up and made a call on his cell phone, and then returned to bed, what is happening, I asked, stopped overnight in the hotel, and told me to put all the security, as I see a01 hours, so we have to deal with a beautiful work of love, play time, rest a little, he said, and if you want to shoot, then you know I'm ready, I bent took her tucoff nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, I said good night. urination, so it was still dark when I woke up and went next door, was awake and said, wow, that was quickly accepted, and my dick in hand, gets fucked in two more meetings before 10 clock and said I better go home and clean up. Now I thought it was, but I was surprised by her husband come to see me, make me a big favor and stay at my house and take care of my wife while I was in America for a month when he said she said tucoff they trust you and know that you like - do you remember your father, I said are you sure he said yes, and I know for sure if they fear could get into bed with you, you wouldnt mind is, right? Of course not, I said I would be happy if I did a good straw I had to goIng, a month fantastic, but exhausting.
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